This is another entry on my bi-weekly update (yes, this time the range is a little more extensive) about the AsyncAPI Spec and parsers.

Note This is not an official AsyncAPI update but a personal summary I volunteer to do.

This time I did not add metrics. As it is not a really well automated process, I decided to not spend time on it. If you really found it useful, please let me know so I can evaluate automating it.

What do I mean by AsyncAPI Spec and parsers update?. As most of the work around the AsyncAPI Spec is not only related to, each update will include the most significant recent activity from the following repositories:

Feel free to ask me to include any other repository if you consider it makes sense. Also, in case you want to help me with these updates :)


Spec v2.3.0 got released! 🎉

Dale Lane led the release process this time. The release notes can be found here.

As a small note, the Make channels field optional within an AsyncAPI file by Sergio Moya RFC has been discarded from 2.3.0 version because it finally introduces a breaking change (candidate for 3.0.0 version).

Spec v3.0.0 work has been started! 🚀

The git branch next-major will be soon created on each involved repository so PR’s can target such branch, following semantic-release process and bumping each dependant repository (thanks to Lukasz Gornicki to any new pre-release) automatically.

A global Github issue has been created to track the big picture of the work on the 3.0.0 version. The issue is here.

Some people jumped into champion the following RFC’s 👑, so big thanks to them!:

🗓 A periodical meeting for community members interested in the works around this release has been started. Two meetings have happened already:

    1. First meeting notes and recording link can be found here.
    1. Second meeting notes and the recording link can be found here

The next meeting is scheduled for the 16th of February.

You can always find some of the most critical progress on the AsyncAPI spec v3.0.0 release journal . You can find a list (grooming pending) of candidates to be included in v3.0.0 at

Spec also had some more activity



v0.7.0 got released! 🎉

It adds support for 2.3.0 spec version. See changes here.

Some other work

extensions-catalog got a really powerful feature request!

Even though some of the features mentioned in this PR were already suggested in the past, Lukasz Gornicki created a new issue called MVP integration of extensions catalog with AsyncAPI tools to make extension catalog useful to finally move forward with all of them and give the extensions catalog a real meaning. This is a nice (and significant) improvement on how “official” extensions are treated in AsyncAPI. In short, the request’s main goal is to do a big step forward in how official extensions are handled in AsyncAPI parsers so they can validate them and use them on generators and other tooling. Worth checking it out! 👀

spec-json-schemas and few new bugs! 🐛

After intensively working on feat!: split out definitions, Jonas Lagoni has raised a few bugs:

A new future enhancement has been suggested with Cleaning up how sub schemas are defined with references.


parser-js v1.14.1 got released!

Among v1.14.0 that included all features for accomodating the 2.3.0 spec version, this new version includes a bug fix: fix: do not use the Array.prototype.flat function by Maciej Urbańczyk.

More activity on parser-js