This is another entry on my bi-weekly update about the AsyncAPI Spec and parsers.

Note This is not an official AsyncAPI update but a personal summary I volunteer to do.

What do I mean by AsyncAPI Spec and parsers update?. As most of the work around the AsyncAPI Spec is not only related to, each update will include the most significant recent activity from the following repositories:

Feel free to ask me to include any other repository if you consider it makes sense. Also, in case you want to help me with these updates :)


2.4 release is getting closer!

Work on 2.4 release has been initiated. Sergio Moya is the release coordinator. 2.4 is expected to be released in April 2022.

It is a work in progress to find out all the possible PR’s that it will be included. For now, feat: added server variable object as reusable object is the first candidate and will be merged into the release branch soon.

Deprecation of messages. Does it sound interesting to you?

A message header to signal deprecation issue has been retaken by Erik Wilde. The idea would be to set a standard message header to indicate that the message contains deprecated payload. If you find it useful, please write your thoughts on the issue. 👀

“Remote and local servers” issue needs your help!

Thorsten Hake has suggested a new approach on how to handle Remote and local servers. A discussion around it has been initiated, and we require more ideas on implementing it. 👀

The idea around “Defining a collection of applications” has been discussed even more.

The recording for the last live session that has been held on this topic can be found here. After the session, more feedback was shared on the issue that is worth checking with all of you who are interested in this topic. During the last 3.0.0 meeting, Jonas Lagoni has suggested that it won’t make sense to include this into 3.0.0 spec release. Also, Fran Méndez suggested that it might make sense to create a different new spec for this matter. Worth checking that part of the live stream here.

A way to document a guaranteed compatibility mode for produced messages.

Sometimes you might need to specify a compatibility mode for types of schema changes on your messages. This is pretty common for Avro. Thorsten Hake is asking Is there a way to document the guaranteed compatibility mode for produced messages? and suggesting that it might be a good idea to have the ability to document such compatibility mode.

Looking for ideas on how to implement it! 💡

Two new Spec 3.0 live meetings have been held 📹.

spec also had some more activity


All Schema definitions are now split out into separate files

Jonas Lagoni did a fantastic job splitting all the schema definitions into separate files so contributing to them becomes more manageable.

It is pending to be released (very soon), but the work is done and merged (you can see the PR here).

v2.13.1 got released! 🎉

It includes the fix: force object type for message trait’s headers by Maciej Urbańczyk.


It got rewriten into TypeScript 🚀

Maciej Urbańczyk did an awesome job rewriting the package into TypeScript 🙌. Here is the PR: refactor: rewrite to TS and start using Jest


New version for Solace binding is out! 🎉

Michael Davis updated the Solace binding with feat: add topicSubscriptions to direct destinations, which is adding topicSusbscriptions field in the topic, so you can define a list of topics that the client subscribes to.

Shall we move binding JSON Schema files to the main JSON Schema repository?

Move binding JSON schema files to main JSON schema repository got revived again, and a discussion around where the JSON Schema files for bindings should be located was started. Please join! 👀


Migration to TypeScript has been started + new Parser API!

Migrate project to TypeScript is becoming a real thing now. Souvik, Maciej Urbańczyk, and Sergio Moya are working hard on this task, and the progress can be seen in next-major.

Worth mentioning this is not only a migration to TypeScript, but also a complete rewrite of the parser-js, adopting finally the Intent-driven API of Parser-API, which a POC was created a few weeks ago as well (See this PR).